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Bathroom Pre-Installation Checklist

Before deciding on a simple bathroom remodeling or a full bathroom renovation, you should be able to discuss all aspects of your project beforehand so you can make the best decisions, based on reliable information. Our professional bath remodelers Libertyville recommend the following factors be considered:

Costs involved

Price is not the only indicator of good work. Different quotes should be obtained in order to gain a better idea of what you will actually spend. It’s important to take into consideration if your estimate is a fixed price or not since fixed prices give more peace of mind, but less flexibility. 


Project length of time

A job should not be rushed, but it shouldn’t excessively surpass the deadline. Time is of the essence when it comes to waiting for a tile installation or bathtub, shower or toilet replacement, since you may have to use a spare bathroom or other alternatives until your original space is completed. Communicate with your contractor on the timeframe your services should be functioning so you can plan accordingly.


 Feel free to ask personal questions

The following are some important personal questions to consider asking when selecting bath remodelers or tile installation in Libertyville:


  •       How long have you been operating?
  •       Are you legally licensed and insured?
  •       What is your warranty policy?
  •       Are your contractors screened before coming to my home?
  •       What is your contact information for any after-hour needs?
  •       Have you won any prizes in the local community?


Our team comes fully equipped when it comes to handling all bathroom renovations Libertyville and are happily willing to transform your bathroom space into the luxurious space you’ve dreamed of. We even install walk-in tubs! Schedule your FREE at-home consultation today!

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