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Types of Brick Walls

As a professional, you need to think about the three most common types of brick walls when considering a brick wall repair Joilet for residential or commercial properties. This article explains how each type differs from one another and how you can use each variety according to your needs.

Solid Brick Walls

Solid brick walls are comprised of two or more layers of bricks that are attached to one another via metal ties or header bricks.

Cavity Crick Walls

A cavity wall is a type of masonry wall built from bricks or concrete blocks. Essentially, it’s a solid outer wall that is connected to an inner support wall that has two to four inches of open space between them.

Veneer Brick Walls

A veneer wall consists of a single layer of brick attached to wooden or steel studs. This type of construction provides a limited amount of insulation, which can be improved by adding studs of insulation studs to the bottom of the wall.

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