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Do You Need Chimney Masonry Repair?

The first part of your chimney to be affected by elements are its bricks. Secure your chimney by conducting annual chimney inspections and maintenance by a reliable company like A Competitive Inc. You should also know the signs showing you need a chimney repair Park Ridge.

White Bricks

White staining on bricks, known as efflorescence, indicates too much moisture in the masonry. When the bricks absorb water, minerals and salt appear on the surface. Moisture is the primary cause of different chimney issues so ask the tuckpointing company you can trust to fix the problems in your chimney right away.

Missing Mortar

Chimney tuckpointing is the solution for chipping and receding mortar between chimney bricks. Fixing issues in the mortar immediately can prevent deterioration. Reach us out to learn more about our tuckpointing Crystal Lake service.

Crumbled Brick and Mortar

The sign of spalling is when chimney mortar is crumbling, bricks are cracked, and the surface of bricks pops off. Water damage, old age, subpar building materials, and damage due to extreme weather are the causes of spalling. Having your chimney replaced is best when it’s mortar and bricks are irreparable.

Get Your Chimney Repaired

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