Controlled Demolition Work in Chicago


When you are working on doing demolitions on large buildings manual style demolition will not get the job done. A team of building demolition contracts can only do so much manually with sledgehammers when it comes to working on high-rise buildings. Additionally the classic crane and ball method takes a lot of time and effort to complete. 


We provide controlled demolition services all over Chicago. Using our years of experience, our demolition contractors Chicago are here to get your demolition done safely leaving your demolition site ready for any new projects that may arise. 


What is Controlled Demolition? 

Using explosives to demolish a building quickly explains the process of controlled demolition. This process keeps you from using a lot of manual labor and is recommended for high-rise buildings which present unsafe demolition conditions for on-site crew members close by. 


This involves rigging explosives in key areas of the building. Once this is done a team detonates the explosives from a distance which causes the building to fall inwards and downwards. Using controlled explosives helps keep debri from flying far away from the building and harming people within the area. 


We set our building demolition contractors up so that they control the entire process from setting up the explosives to completing the demolition. After the work is done we offer a hauling services that aims to remove any waste that is left over. 

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