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What to Contemplate When Selecting Your Ideal Glass Shower Door

Have you considered checking out frameless shower enclosures as an option?  Our expert team at IMAGO will ensure you have all the pertinent information before choosing.  When it comes to custom shower doors, you can rely on their knowledge and experience.

Select Frameless

Although it still has a certain amount of hardware, frameless is your best option if you seek a spa experience in your own bathroom, providing a truly open, seamless, tranquil feeling.  Hardware engineering and glass manufacturing technology has advanced greatly in recent years, creating the illusion that your frameless shower doors Chicago are floating.   Every edge of the shower door should come polished or finished.  Available styles for the finish on the flat surface may be:

  • Opaque, still hanging in there after all these years, is an excellent option if you are looking for privacy.  Request a list of manufacturer’s options in this style as there are many and vary from brushed to water droplet shapes to pebbled finishes.
  • Clear glass shower doors Chicago residents love to continue to be top sellers. It earns this position by providing the most open bathroom possible while allowing shower tile or stone and fixtures/fittings to be appreciated.
  • Tinted glass may be created during the manufacturing process and is available in natural soft tones such as blue, bronze, and gray, all of which combine beautifully with the most popular bathroom color in the USA, white, along with other bathroom elements like tile, stone, and metal finishes that are used on fixtures like showerheads, controls, and faucets. 
  • Etched glass has opaque designs that are etched directly onto clear glass, allowing privacy. Available patterns range from traditional but may even be figurative, such as abstract or nature-based images.  Etching is done on the outside of the shower door glass doors.

Contact IMAGO glass to find out more about frameless shower enclosures including sliding shower doors in Chicago and more. Call us now to schedule your glass shower door installation. 

Frameless Shower Doors Chicago


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