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Tempered Glass Elk Grove Village, IL Explained

Tempered glass Elk Grove Village is much stronger and safer than regular glass. It’s created by heating and cooling a sheet of glass under high pressure. As it hardens, the outer edges cool more quickly than the interior, creating tensile forces that hold it together and prevent shattering into sharp pieces when it’s broken. There are many different types of tempered glass Elk Grove Village in use today—from your car’s windshield to heavy-duty protective equipment for construction workers who need extra protection from the elements. You probably wouldn’t want to scratch a mirror, but tempered glass Elk Grove Village is actually more difficult to scratch. This is because the thermal process that makes it so strong also preserves the clarity and transparency of the glass. Scratches are usually on just one side of the glass, so by looking at the other side you can see that it’s clear and undamaged — unlike regular glass.

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