Simple Remodeling Tips To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

The kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. It is no wonder why home remodeling contractors in Chicago are constantly getting kitchen remodeling jobs including kitchen countertops installation and kitchen cabinets painting Northbrook. Most remodeling contractors in Chicago are looking for ways on how to make kitchen space look bigger because this area of the house has the highest foot traffic. Here are some tips for both homeowners and contractors to consider.


Look for appliances that look simple and sleek to give the illusion of having a bigger space than really is available. Consider mounting your microwave into a bespoke cabinet or wall to save counter space. Simple cabinet designs will also create the same large illusion and help make the space look airy and spacious.

Incorporate Natural Light As Much As Possible

Talk to your kitchen remodelling contractors in Chicago about constructing bigger windows to let more natural light in. This is a sure way of opening up your kitchen space making it look bigger than it is.

Light Colors Will Trick The Eye

Most kitchen remodeling contractors in Chicago will revert to the good old white surface to lighten up the room. However, you are not stuck on just white, you can try other light pastel colors for your kitchen and this will do the same trick. Even light colored cabinets can create the illusion of spaciousness.

Creative Storage Ideas

Those nooks and crannies that you usually don’t use can be utilized as storage space. Plenty of kitchen remodeling Chicago projects are incorporating this trend in their designs. Utilize those overhead spaces and ask your contractor to create overhead storage that is both functional and beautiful. It will open up your counter space more and create a more spacious feeling.

There you go! Try going over these ideas with your kitchen remodelling contractors as you design your new kitchen. These are perfect for any size bespoke kitchens but are most recommended for homes with small kitchen spaces.

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