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When Do You Need Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL?

How to tell if a lintel needs replacing?

Mortar cracks: When you see cracks in door or window corners it might be an indication that you require lintel replacement Chicago. Cracks in the highest corners are more serious than those in the lower corners and should not be ignored. They are not from wear and tear and should not just be covered over.

Line cracks in mortar: Serious damage to your lintel can cause cracks along your walls and not just at the windows and doors. Take immediate action as bricks and stone might also have shifted. It might be time for a lintel replacement and Extreme Lintel Replacement Chicago can assist you in it.

What causes a lintel to deteriorate?

Lintels will eventually degrade naturally just like everything else. Extreme weather conditions can greatly increase the rate of decline. Corrosion is aggravated by damp and cold weather and regular structural inspections and repair will prevent serious issues later on so you might avoid needing lintel replacement Chicago.


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