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Masonry in Chicago is highly demanded  nowadays. There are many vintage buildings here and they need regular inspections as well as proper maintenance. When it’s too late for prevention, professional masonry repair in Chicago is required. With all these and more, CUSTOM tuckpointing is just beside you. Our mission is to offer you reliable masonry service at competitive pricing. Cracked or distressed bricks threaten your brick wall longevity. Give us a call and we’ll take care of the repair. We can supply you with horizontal and vertical expansion joints installation to allow movement in masonry walls. 

Our experts pay attention to both technical issues and aesthetics. Your masonry structure can be quickly brought back to good shape. We are ready to prepare free quotes on your request so you can plan your budget without any surprises. Rely on our expert knowledge and contact us for more detailed information.

Free image/jpeg, Resolution: 3264×1836, File size: 2.13Mb, Wall made of stones in the park

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