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Trust Simply Mold Removal in Chicago, experts in mold remediation, because it is our race to fight against mold for you.

The first  step is to check air quality in your home, detect mold origin and the reason behind spore growth in the environment, and quickly elaborate a mold removal plan. Our goal is to prevent the spread and salvage of furniture and your home’s structure, but even worse, living in an environment with mold can be extremely toxic for your health. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), if you see or smell mold, there are potential health risks and a professional mold detection company should be hired for total cleanup.

Warm or damp environments create the perfect scenario for mold to grow in as it travels through the air and can get attached to any structure. Once it has established itself, it can multiply quickly in high humidity areas such as bathrooms, basements or even worse your kitchen.

Call Simply Mold Gone Chicago; don’t risk your family’s health. Our team of experts will leave your place fresh!

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