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It is a good practice to maintain a solid winterization plan for your roofing system for the inevitable snowy months ahead. The following advice will help you stay comfortable and save energy during the winter.  

Complete Repairs

Weak spots eventually deteriorate your roof structure, so loose or damaged shingles need to be repaired, as well as cracked or broken tiles need to be replaced.

Cutback Tree Limbs

During snowy weather and high winds, tree limbs can come crashing down on your roof due to the weight of snow and ice. Cutting tree limbs can prevent emergency repairs and prevent water damage.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Clogged, rusty and damaged gutters need to be cleaned before the first snowfall arrives in order to avoid any damage from reaching sections of your roof and downspouts.

Professional Roof Inspection

Schedule a professional roof inspection and avoid any disastrous mishaps from attempting to perform any leaking roof repair alone. This can ensure lasting and more efficient results.

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