Roughcast Render in Edinburgh | EDINHOME Professional Roughcasting

Our team of roughcasting experts is well trained and experienced. They are employed by us full time and are regarded as the best in the business.

We have installed roughcasting for councils and have done some of the finest roughcast render in Edinburgh. Our company has been given contracts by large commercial contractors, as such, we have full public liability insurance. Our roughcast, pebble dash, and harling mix materials come from a trusted supplier in Edinburgh, but we have a secondary supplier in case our primary supplier has unexpected issues.

Our roughcasting uses high-quality materials such as high-grade sand, cement, gravel, shells and pebbles, lime aggregate, and premium mortar mix. With the right mixing procedure, we can deliver a roughcasting of exceptional quality and finish. We use the same materials and procedures in every mix so that your roughcasting can withstand harsh weather conditions.


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