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Signs That You Need a Replacement for Your Glass Shower Doors Chicago

Under normal circumstances, when you find that your glass shower doors get dirty, you can clean them. But not all dirt is created equal. Sometimes it will not come off the door or you may end up with damaged glass or hardware. You might think to continue scrubbing or fill in the cracks, but that can cause more damage. When you see the following on your shower glass doors Chicago, it’s an indication that you should consider a replacement.

Cracks or Chips on Your Frameless Shower Doors Chicago

When you find cracks or chips on your glass shower doors, especially if they are large, it’s time to call in the experts at Commercial Windows & Glass Company. Contact us as soon as possible before the issue gets worse. We will offer our best recommendation for a minor repair or a replacement, depending on what we find.

Discolored Glass

Excess buildup of grime might be removable with the right cleansers, but if the grime is too far gone, it may not work, leaving a discolored spot on the glass. The only way to resolve this would be to get new glass shower doors for your Chicago home’s bathroom.

Rust or Corrosion Growing on the Frame

Once rust is found on the metal frame, it will continue to expand, corroding the surface and weakening the metal. Too much rust will leave the frame unable to support the weight of the glass. You could be left with your shower glass doors shattered on the floor.

For fast, easy, and reliable replacement for your shower glass doors Chicago, call Commercial Windows & Glass Company today. Our team can assess the problem and determine exactly what you need for the best solution. Plus, we can offer some tips on how to extend the life of your frameless shower doors Chicago.

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