Tuck pointing & Masonry Contractors in Chicago for Commercial and Residential Projects

There are a lot of old-fashioned buildings in the Chicago area. If you’re the owner of one of them, you surely know that your masonry requires regular check-ups. They can reveal the damages which were not visible with the unaided eye. It’s precious information because it’s definitely better to prevent it in this matter. Extreme Commercial Masonry Chicago is the company ready to provide you with professional masonry inspections. Our experts are really well-trained and are able to notice the malfunctions omitted by a less experienced team. As you suspect, it’s not the full range of what we do. We can provide the customers with all types of masonry jobs and the finest quality tuckpointing in the Chicago area. 

Our success is due to involvement and craftsmanship. We don’t accept any shortcuts that stand us apart from all other masonry contractors in Chicago. Our mission is to finish the project on time and in accordance with the latest masonry standards. We work tirelessly to earn your respect and brick your masonry back to good condition. Call us also for chimney repair and window caulking in Chicago. We handle all sizes of projects both for residential and commercial customers. We are also known for honesty and integrity. Our job is our passion – we strive to further skills and knowledge development. Contact us to request an estimate for your project.


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