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What Should You Ask a Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago, IL

Is there more to tuckpointing than just appearance?

Yes, when you have tuckpointing Chicago, you are getting more than a new and fresh look. Tuckpointing is actually important, specifically for chimneys. Tuckpointing contractors set up the correct mortar joints for your chimney to reduce the risk of water leaking into your home.

How much time is needed for a tuckpointing project? 

The time it will take for your tuckpointing Chicago, just as it will be for pricing, will depend on some specific factors. Typically, however, chimney tuckpointing that is handled by expert masonry contractors Chicago can take as little time as one afternoon. 

Is tuckpointing different from repointing?

Tuckpointing tends to get confused with a similar process called pointing or repointing, but they do have their differences. Tuckpointing refers to adding complementary colors to new mortar joints. Repointing is different in that it is a mortar joint repair or replacement. That means tuckpointing and repointing can be completed during the same project for your masonry Chicago, but the two services are distinctly different. Both of these solutions are offered by Custom Tuckpointing Chicago.

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