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Taking Care of Drafty Windows: Advice from First Choice Windows – The Finest of the Window Companies in Palatine

It doesn’t take much to look for drafty windows anywhere in your home. Simply hold a lit candle or a piece of tissue next to your window and look for movement that would indicate an air leak. Mark the spot with a piece of tape so you can get back to it later. Air leaks can be very costly over time, increasing your energy bills more than you realize every month.    

There are a couple of simple solutions to seal off your drafty windows, potentially making it unnecessary for a windows replacement Palatine. Use caulking to seal the gaps around your windows and sills. You may consider using a layered curtain or draft snake to close as many of the holes as possible.  

If you notice wood rot, window hardware that’s broken, or your windows no longer close tight, that’s a whole different matter. In such cases, we would advise you to speak with a window installer in Palatine about a window replacement. A new window installation in Palatine can assist dramatically in increasing the efficiency level of your home. Plus, they look great both inside and out. 

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