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Business Interruption Claims Chicago | McKinley Public Adjusters

Does Your Business Require the Business Interruption Insurance Chicago Residents Prefer?

Business Interruption Insurance (BII) is commonly forgotten insurance coverage that protects against loss exposures that are as legitimate as litigation or fire.  In the event that your business is forced to close, temporary loss of income is not your only risk factor, even though it can be devastating on its own.  You may be at risk for customer loss as they seek their products or services elsewhere.  It may be challenging to pay main suppliers during an income interruption, triggering additional long term loss as the suppliers end their business relationship with your company.

Business Interruption coverage Chicago trusts is meant to protect businesses from risks of this type.  BII is frequently packaged with other commercial insurance policies or may be purchased in combination with business property insurance.  One explanation for this is that the threats, or causes of loss, are often the same for property insurance as they are for Business Interruption Insurance.

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