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Why Do My Lights Flicker?

Lights may flicker due to various reasons. An issue with the bulb itself or a connection between the bulb and the light fixture is the most common source of a flickering light. Additional causes may involve faulty or old wiring or possibly loose fixture connections.

When do your lights flicker?

It is important to pay attention to precisely when your lights flicker as well as any patterns that may lead to these incidents. If your lights dim and flicker, it could indicate that you have an even larger problem that should be assessed and repaired by a professional electrician Chicago property owners trust, like T&D Electrical. If the lights only dim a little bit when a larger appliance is turned on, this is quite normal and generally harmless.

Which of your lights flicker?

If the lights on one particular circuit are flickering, it may indicate that there is a problem such as a loose wire. It is important to have a licensed electrician Chicago residents rely on inspect any flickering lights as aluminum wiring may cause flickering lights and they are frequently the cause of electrical fires.
If you would like to learn more answers to why your lights are flickering, or to find out about our services, please call the licensed electricians at T&D Electrical so we can answer your questions.

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