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Are you in Bolingbrook? We are the experts when it comes to sewer and drain cleaning Bolingbrook. Plumbing problems are inevitable, but you can minimize the high cost involved with the damage old pipes can cause your home. When you start experiencing water leaks, strange odors or mysterious sounds, it could be a race against the clock. The following list offers you useful  plumbing information and advice from drain specialist: 


Ruptured Pipes 

Many factors could lead to a burst pipe. Pipes are hidden in your walls and floors so once you witness water coming down from those areas it means a repair should occur immediately. Repair involves tearing out the damaged area, as well as looking between walls or floors to determine the origin of the leak.


Tree Roots 

Tree roots can be a nightmare for any pipe specialist. These roots can cause severe damage to the pipes and blockage. Professionals often use chemical root killers or other special technology to eradicate this problem.


Corroded Pipes

Houses built during the 1950’s usually utilized pipes made from iron. With time they start to corrode, which provokes leaks or low water flow which can then cause a clogged bathroom sink. If your valves and faucets look old, your pipes most likely are the same. 


City Sewer Collapse 

Unfamiliar noises or odors are the first sign of a problem within your city sewer. If there are any suspicions that your sewer line is collapsing, call our specialists and prevent any sewage from flowing in your home’s drains. 

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