Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Tinley Park | CMS More Than Floor!

You probably know that your hardwood flooring needs regular maintenance, but admit honestly – do you really take care of that? Wear and tear become more and more visible on this type of floor over time. If you are sick when you see the scratches and all worn-out parts, it’s probably the best time to consider hardwood floor refinishing in Tinley Park. This process includes sanding down the uppermost layer and applying fresh lacquer over the wood. Thanks to that, your hardwood flooring gets back to the finest shape again!

We are CMS Floors and our thing is to provide you with professional dustless floor refinishing in the Tinley Park area. Be aware that it’s not everything that we offer! We are known also for reliable hardwood floor installation characterized by the durability that you can count on. Our experts will look for comprehensive solutions for your individual needs.

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