How to prepare your home for the winter

The best thing about the beginning of fall is that there are longer nights and most things taste like pumpkin spice. You can do a few things to prepare your home for the beginning of such a season. However, this is not that easy. You can prepare for harsh weather conditions by doing a number of things. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Weather Seal Your Windows

In an overage home, draffy and unsealed windows can cause the loss of between 25% and 30% of treated air. You can inspect your window frames and windows to prepare your home for the fall.  

If holey windows or unsealed windows are the ones causing your home to lose treated air, this makes your HVAC system to work harder hence spending more energy. You can fix the spot where some has worn off to prevent this situation.

      • Inspect your roof

During the winter, most areas in Southern California receive a lot of rain; hence we don’t see any snow. It is therefore important to check your downspouts, roofs and gutters as a way of preparing your home for the fall. 

Climb on ladder to get to your roof and check if you can see any shingles that seem to be out of place. Remember to check the condition of your downspouts and roof gutters. You can clean them if you are comfortable and skilled to do it. You can as well schedule a call with a furnace service Evanston  Company.

       •Prepare your home for Fall with Service Champions

If you are ready to do your furnace tune-up, you can call service champions. Reach out to our expert furnace replacement Evanston contractors to clean, tune-up and also repair your furnace if needed

       •You need a tune-up

Remember, it’s never too early to do a tune-up. This is crucial after  a season of lying dormant and it makes sure your system gets ready for the winter and fall seasons. During our emergency furnace repair Evanston process, our experts will test your system to confirm if there are any leaks or repairs needed. We can as well replace your filter during this time.

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