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Is your home or business in need of masonry repair in Chicago?

Our advice is to contract a reliable masonry company skilled with tuckpointing, chimney repair and power washing. Ignoring the cracks in your walls or pavement could compromise the integrity of the entire structure. This would be expensive and very dangerous for your family home or business and it should be repaired immediately.

Identifying the cause of the crack is the first step so that our masonry repair team in Chicago can select the correct materials and present the strategy to initiate the repairs and conclude with quality results.

This list includes causes and examples of where you may find cracks or damages around your property:

-Surface Damage: spider web cracks that can be found on high-traffic surfaces like parking lots and industrial floors

-Structural damage: cracks that compromise the structure and causes damage that needs to be repaired and strengthened.

-Water leaks: may occur in basements, bathrooms, kitchens or wherever there’s plumbing installed.  

-Recurrent movement:  temperature variations and traffic vibrations can cause small cracks over time.


Our masonry Chicago contractors can use polyurethane sealants or epoxy resin and methods such as injectable seals  or wrapping; it all depends on the cause of your troubles.

If you have experienced any of these, schedule an appointment with us in order to assess your damage and bring it to a halt as soon as possible! It is the right thing to do to prevent any accidents. Get quality results working with J&P Masonry that has many years of dependable industry knowledge and experience in the field.

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