Terra Cotta Manufacturers in Chicago | Custom Terra Cotta Restoration

Architectural terra-cotta can have a long life if well-made and well-maintained. Unfortunately, inadequate maintenance of terra-cotta facades can lead to a shortened life span and deterioration of this rich finish, primarily if used on exterior facades exposed to a fair amount of moisture and water. Generally, the problem starts when the metal structure beneath starts to corrode and rust. If there are no accommodations made in the initial construction for the movement of the terra-cotta, it will begin to crack and fall apart. Custom Terra cotta manufacturers in Chicago can investigate the areas of concern and come up with some remedial repairs.

Some terra-cotta cracks can be pointed with mortar or caulked with sealant providing a good repair. If the terra cotta restoration in Chicago, contractors can use several materials that can be used to act like terra-cotta. Fiber-glass, pre-cast concrete, plastic-polymers, or cast-metal are all excellent substitute materials. Properly restored, these facades can last many years into the future.

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