Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Bathroom renovation is a major project to undertake especially if you don’t have a clear design in mind. It is best to remember that you have to think about the many major factors that could affect your bathroom rebuild project. The list below can help you.

  • Budget – how much money are you willing to spend for your bathroom remodeling?
  • Color – will you be changing it up to a new color scheme or are you going to stick to the current one you have?
  • Bathroom Fixtures – are you going to replace them, retain them or move them to different location?
  • Contractors – are you going to hire them or are you more of DIY guy who have friends to help you?
  • Contingency Funds – having a back-up money source for the unexpected repairs is a good idea.

Let’s proceed to some of the common mistakes in bathroom remodeling.

Considering Beauty Before Function

Looking at the magazines and seeing those pristine looking bathrooms can give you a high that can lead to being impulsive. The shiny and clean looking bathroom fixtures can sometimes make you want to just buy them. But before you do, ask yourself, what would be the benefit of buying this product in your bathroom rebuild?
Designing and remodeling your bathroom so that it becomes the one of your dreams, means that you have to consider all the things you will be taking out and putting into the space. There are three major things that your bathroom fixtures should have and they are safety, functionality and comfort.

Designing Without Considering Space

It does not make sense to bring in large fixtures when you have a small bathroom. Measure you space first and map out where your current fixtures are. You can then have an idea of how you can maximize the space of your bathroom. This is what bathroom remodeling is all about. It is making the space available work for you with proper placing of fixtures and storages.

If you have a small bathroom, utilize as much space as you can. There are storage designs for small spaces that can really help in achieving that dream bathroom design of yours.

Theme up

You read it right. Theme up means that you need to decide on the theme of your bathroom design before you even start the whole remodeling process. Having a theme will help you in creating a seamless looking design that is pleasing to eye. Your theme will dictate how your bathroom will look and feel once a person enters it.
Now that you have an idea on some of the things that you need to look out for, you can now start designing your bathroom to achieve that jaw dropping, dream bathroom design you’ve been wanting. Good luck and have fun in your bathroom remodeling journey!



Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Chicagoland.

What Are The Cost Factors?

Any form of remodeling or renovation in your house is a move that adds value to the property. One of the places that usually gets remodeled is the kitchen. It is the heart of the home after all.
Kitchen remodeling is a major undertaking and can be a very stressful and costly one if not planned properly. So before you pick up that sledgehammer and start whacking at your countertops, you must first consider a few factors.


The price of the materials in the market can affect the overall total cost of your renovation. Compare prices wisely because some kitchen materials costs more in certain areas than others. Try to look for alternative products that works as well as the ones you are planning to use. You might be surprised at how much money you can save when you look for alternatives.


Labor is a variable that varies and fluctuates depending on the market and trend. The more seasoned ones will cost you more. You can go for a rookie and risk the chance of getting disappointed or you can ask for multiple quotes before deciding on the contractor you want to employ. This way you get the chance to compare prices and portfolios of each contractor and base your decision from there.


Upgrades can translate to many areas of a kitchen remodeling project.


You can upgrade your floors into high-end tiles, wood, stone or vinyl. Your choice on designs are endless and this can make or break your kitchen if not done properly. Choose one that is both beautiful and functional so that you get the best of both worlds.


Storage plays a big part in kitchen renovation. Choosing the right, size, color and dimension can bring out the beauty of the kitchen. You can choose either stock cabinets which are made from low grade materials and comes in limited dimensions and size. There is also bespoke cabinets which are made from high-end wood and they can come in many form, size and shape depending on what you need but they are very expensive. There is however something that is called semi-custom made cabinets which is somewhere in between stock and custom cabinets.
Usually combining the different types to meet your needs can you the most cost effective way of upgrading your kitchen cabinets.


Research is the key here. Multiple performing appliances are now available in the market. So instead of buying several low budget appliances that do one specific task why not buy a high-end one that has two or three functions. This would minimize clutter and save you money in the long run.


Modern kitchens have now included cabinet lightings in their designs and this trend is picking up real fast. Recessed lighting also joining cabinet lights in the popularity march.
Having lots of lights can translate to one things, higher utility bill. But don’t despair, LED light is on the rescue. This long lasting light bulb is very cost efficient because of their low energy consumption. They may cost a bit more than the traditional lights we use but the longevity coupled with the energy efficiency of this light saves you money overall.




Bathroom remodel – how big expense is it?

Obviously, there is no such thing as a constant price on bathroom remodeling. There are many various factors that determine the final costs. The average cost of bathroom renovation can quickly increase if you choose some unusual developments or some highly customized elements. Furthermore, the prices of the professional bathroom remodeling companies’ services are also really diversified. They depend not only on the contractor’s experience, but even on the area that the services are offered in. However, taking into account crucial factors that influence the final estimation, your preliminary budget planning is possible.
Bathroom remodeling factors that you should firstly pay attention to:

  • Bathroom size. A basic question that should appear in your mind is – how big is my bathroom? The rule is that labor and materials depend on the square footage. Therefore, for new floors, your bathroom materials costs can be widely divergent. You can also choose to kitchen extensions.
  • Bathroom design – do you consider any major changes in the current shape of your bathroom? Rebuilding, replacing windows and doors or other electricity and plumbing tasks surely require the professionals’ help. This is an additional cost. The same happens when your interior is hard to develop. Achieving desired results is reflected in higher labor price then.
  • Bathroom customizations – unfortunately, if you want to reduce your bathroom remodeling costs to a minimum, you need to forget about customized furniture or appliances. Pre-fabricated ones are really cheaper and are produced in many various shapes and designs now. Therefore, everyone will surely find something proper among them. A beneficial solution can be also elements recycled for the new design.
  • Bathroom materials – tiles, backsplash materials, shower glass doors or countertops – sometimes it’s really hard to choose something proper nowadays because of the number of choices. There are lots of different materials that they’re made of and the decision which of them to choose, depends only on the budget.